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Spring Surprises book pdf download for free or read online, also Spring Surprises pdf was written by C.J. Petit

The author C.J. Petit was born on February 8, year 1950, in Providence, Rhode Island.

After a 23-year career in the Air Force and a second career as a computer scientist for the city of Bellevue. He was crippled by the aftermath of cancer and his treatment, which prevented him from swallowing, speaking, spitting and eating. This downward spiral of health was what prompted him to start writing.

In 2011 he became unable to work and was really limited in what he could do, but he did housework and read a lot. He read almost everything: short stories, science fiction, mysteries, fantasy and, of course, a lot of westerns.

As his health continued to deteriorate and his speech weakened, he read more each day and when he turned to the Western genre he found that some aspects of most of them began to bother him. So in December 2016, he sat in front of his computer and thought he might as well try writing one.

to C.J. he didn’t care if anyone read them, as they were only meant to occupy his mind. It was his daughter who “suggested” that he post it on Amazon. So he did it just to placate her, and the last thing he expected was to write seventy-odd books and have people like her.


BookSpring Surprises
AuthorC.J. Petit

Spring Surprises Book PDF download for free

More than ever, he couldn’t afford to be surprised. In the next five or six weeks, he and Faith would welcome their first child into the world.

But even when Duke whisked him away from Idaho City, he had no idea the many surprises spring had in store.

Spring Surprises Book Pdf Download

The most prolific author of the moment returns! CJ Petit publishes the books so oftenthat you’d think “C.J. Petit” is a household name for the group of the ghost writers like “Carolyn Keene”, “Franklin W. Dixon”, or “James Patterson”, lol. SPRING SURPRISES is Petit’s sixth book in his Joe Beck series and another enjoyable read.

Possibly some plot spoilers.

A “good read”, that is if Petit’s hobbies as an author are allowed. Petit and Typo are old friends, as are Petit and Repeat. But Petit and the character development don’t make much eye contact. His heroes are of the Roy Rogers/Gene Autry variety, minus the voices in the saddle. Consequently, Joe Beck, who is only seventeen years old, is a model cowboy. He is elegant and genuine and can shoot like a Dickens. His guesses are always spot on. He is the type of man who buys a piece of land only to have the property pay off immediately. Petit also gave Joe this ability, which enhances his senses when a difficult situation arises.

When this begins, the year is 1864, and it’s been months since Joe and Faith moved to Idaho City and Joe accepted the position of deputy sheriff in Boise County. Faith is no longer pregnant and her old fear of giving birth to her has resurfaced. Joe is still sure that she will be a girl. Faith teases him, what if he’s a boy?

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Idaho City is still a very rough and rough place. Every night, Joe or his boss, Sheriff Tap Fulmer, have to do the whiskey walk, as they call their patrol through the city’s six noisy bars. It is a growing city where hordes of gold miners keep appearing. Sheriff Tap could use four more deputies, but there are no takers, even when commissioners raised the salary to $100 a month. How long can a sheriff and his lonely deputy keep the peace?

Well, since it’s Joe Beck, I think for a long time. Instead of the Chuck Norris jokes, the world should be telling the Joe Beck jokes. Joe is so badass that a bad guy had to literally try to run him down. Of course it didn’t work. Watch Joe deal with a variety of problems. Stop a bank robbery or two, check. Take on the assassins of a prospector, copy that Solve the curious robbery of the worn horseshoes, elemental.

Look at the counterfeit five dollar bill case, sure. We have moments of action where Joe has no choice but to use deadly force. Likewise, we witness moments where Joe resolves incidents with a dose of common sense, diplomacy, and sometimes just plain sympathy.

If Petit had decided to end the series with this volume, he would have been fine. The way this one ends qualifies as the perfect conclusion to the series. If there are more books, of course I’ll be there too. Some dangling threads are untied, like Faith giving birth to a girl or a boy, whatever she happened to the caravan of settlers that invaded Oregon, and will Sheriff Tap end up hiring more deputies?

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Throughout this book, Joe meets old friends and makes new ones, including a soldier whose fate in the Union Army resembled that of Sergeant Will Boone. By the way, here and there we are reminded that in the distance the civil war was still raging.

Given Petit’s tendencies and flaws, The man has a way of sucking you into his thread. And me, I’m fine when I’m not exposed to dark and gloomy dieges. I will take a story where the good guy not only wins at the end, but also at the beginning and in the middle. Save wear and tear on the old ticker. CJ Petit is like a Hallmark writer who writes about the Wild West.

Even Pollyanna says that C.J. Petit needs to write more flawed and thoughtful protagonists. Norman Rockwell wants a little hero to kick a puppy. I say stay in your niche, C.J. insignificant. Keep making Westerns that are enjoyable reading for your fans. Is there such a thing as the cozy western?

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