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The Bodyguard Affair book pdf download for free or read online, also The Bodyguard Affair pdf was written by Anna Stone.

Anna Stone is the bestselling author of lesbian novels Being Hers, Tangled Vows and more. A book lover, she grew up dreaming of becoming a writer, but soon forgot the idea as she reached adulthood. In year 2018, Anna took the plunge and wrote her first novel, Being Hers. The book’s success prompted her to pursue a writing career, and she now spends her days writing sizzling romance novels about strong, complex, passionate women who love women. In each of his books you will find exceptional cordiality and a guaranteed happy ending.

Anna lives on the sunny east coast of the Australia. When she’s not writing, she can usually be found with a coffee in one hand and a book in the other, surrounded by houseplants.

BookThe Bodyguard Affair ( Black Diamond Book 3 )
AuthorAnna Stone
Size1.5 MB

The Bodyguard Affair Book PDF download for free

The Bodyguard Affair Book PDF download for free

A spoiled heiress meets her counterpart at a commanding bodyguard.

Bianca Black lives a privileged but sheltered existence. As the youngest daughter of the wealthiest family in Seattle, she longs to spread her wings and gain her independence. When her mother insists that she hire a personal bodyguard to protect her from a threat she won’t explain, Bianca isn’t happy. Until he meets his protector.

Sam Reddy, Founder and CEO of Rainier Protection Services, built her bodyguard business from the ground up. You and your team are the best there is. When he takes Bianca Black as a client, he expects it to be an easy job. A young heiress is no match for a hardened military veteran like Sam, whose past has taught him never to let go of his impenetrable vigilance.

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But Bianca has a way of getting under the Sam’s skin. And Sam longs to put the bratty princess in her place in more the ways than one.

Wrapped in a searing tug of war, temptation ignites. But with a malicious stranger targeting Bianca’s family and a secret that threatens to tear their world apart, she and Sam risk losing everything from their budding relationship to their lives.

Don’t miss the latest book in this sizzling series from bestselling authors Anna Stone and Hildred Billings. Each book in this series can be read on its own.

The Bodyguard Affair Book Pdf Download

So… the first third of the book was an ordeal for me. Both Bianca and her mother were unbearable. They got under my skin at every corner. And while I was lucky enough to have completely forgotten about Vivianne, unfortunately in the first chapter I was reminded of how annoying, annoying and painful she is, urgggh.

Then there was me wanting to slap Bianca and her brat in the face. However, as she went into the second third, she started to grow on me. To show that she is more than just a spoiled young lady, although I don’t expect a 22 year old to act like a boring “grown up” person, she has shown that she is not totally lost haha.

But you know that’s why I incline YA/NA, you can’t expect them to behave much differently, nor should they, but I don’t have the patience to deal with this stage of life when I’ I read so it depends on mine.

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Anyway, after that change of heart about her, I kind of started liking the couple more, but because the family drama was a bit overwhelming, the romance didn’t sell as well as it could. And Bianca, who was sheltered (not her fault) and acted rather childish at times, added to that.

But maybe that’s part of what would make it interesting for Sam, Bianca’s carefree spirit (if a bit reserved by her mother) is a breath of fresh air in her very strict world. So this wouldn’t be a duo I would normally support, but here I was hoping things would go well for them.

Of course I have a lot of empathy for Bianca, just reading her story made me claustrophobic, I can’t imagine what it would be like to live like that, fiction or real life.

In short, I liked it very much, it did not surpass Scarletts (my favorite) IMHO, but I enjoyed it and only this epilogue sent me, god, I laughed a lot.

PS I wouldn’t mind keeping an eye on everyone in the future.


From the start I was ready to call the whole bodyguard thing bullshit. A ruse by Vivianne to capture Bianca in Seattle. It was too suspicious, no explanation for the vulnerabilities, the bodyguard company didn’t know what was threatening them and why they were targeting Bianca. How is a security detail supposed to protect a suspect without knowing the nature of the threat that looms over them?

But then we knew what the threat was, and yes, why not? Hahaha made Vivianne overreact to such things and made it worse than it should have been had she been honest with everyone. And I say the meeting with this person involved was a little off the rails.

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P.S.²: I think Sam is right about not putting in the footwork breaking into a room with hostages at gunpoint and then deciding to turn in his own gun? like wtf, shoot them motherfuckers

And I’m happy to say that Stone and Billings didn’t disappoint. I love all the characters in this series, even the hype mom, for different reasons. The writers did an excellent job developing each of their personalities until they felt like real people. The plot was interesting and unexpected, and the ending beautiful. The epilogue connected everything smoothly. And we’ve seen guest characters from other books, which always makes me happy!

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