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The Confessor book pdf download for free or read online, also The Confessor pdf was written by Daniel Silva.

His books are published in more than thirty countries and are bestsellers worldwide. He is a member of the United States Holocaust Memorial Council and lives in Florida with his wife, CNN special correspondent Jamie Gangel, and their two children, Lily and Nicholas.

BookThe Confessor
AuthorDaniel Silva
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The Confessor Book PDF download for free

The Confessor Book PDF download for free

A Jewish scholar is murdered in Munich. In Venice, Mossad agent and art restorer Gabriel Allon gets the message, puts down his brushes and leaves immediately. And at the Vatican, the new pope promises to uncover the truth about the Church’s response to the Holocaust while a powerful cardinal plots his next move.

Now, as Allon follows a trail of mysteries and unimaginable events, the lives of millions are changed forever and one man’s life becomes expendable…

The Confessor Book Pdf Download

The Confessor is the third installment in Daniel Silva’s Gabriel Allon series. This is perhaps the best, although I would hardly call it a “thriller”. No, it’s a clever mix of international crime thriller with the added glamor of well-paid assassins doing their thing and the secretive, Nazi-loving department of the Curia in Rome.

The pace is relaxed. This is not a review. As you begin the book, you should know that you won’t be staying up all night reading it. It will be easy to collect in the future. I actually liked the rhythm. Yes, there are a few quick “chases” here and there, a few bloody murders and murders, and a plot that builds nicely in suspense, but overall it’s a leisurely stroll through the sordid backstory of the 1940s, maximum church cooperation during and Protection from the Nazis after World War II.

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In a way, this book represents an attempt at reconciliation between Jews and Catholics. I felt that the subject was written and eventually implemented with sensitivity. If only it were that easy in the real world of tough politics and long memories! I found it touching towards the end that the “confessor” turned out to be the modern fictional pope confessing his “sins” to a Jewish murderer named Gabriel.

Gabriel isn’t a superhero, but with Chiara, a pretty well-drawn, sexy accomplice, they form a deadly and intelligent pair of detectives and assassins seeking the truth about the Church’s complicity with the Nazis and their modern-day cover-up. . Shamron, the Israeli mastermind behind intelligence and decisions to kill opponents, plays a good role in this book, better than the other two I think. In fact, he seems to have a real personality in this one and appears as a real person. The fictitious pope is just as clear, sympathetic and convincing as his most important companion, Father Donati.

The villain, also known as the Leopard or Eric Lange, is evil and terrifying enough, but not without his human side either. His downfall seems to be an inflated self-concept and a troubling lack of self-protection.

The absolute best part of this book, as in so many similar subjects written over the past 10 years, is its unabashed criticism and condemnation of the Catholic Church, not least for its apparent and well-known complicity with the Nazis in World War II. , but because of his other current inhuman policies and behavior. I know The Confessor is fiction but ………………………. but this fictionalized version of these specific events is not only confirms long known (or suspected) facts, but also reveals facts and truths without batting an eyelid. Congratulations Silva.

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In Gabriel Allon’s third thriller, The Confessor, the election of a new pope coincides with the publication of several documents documenting meetings between Vatican and Nazi Party officials during World War II. They clearly show the silent complicity of the Vatican with the National Socialist policy of extermination of the Jews.

As the new Pope seeks a final reconciliation between the Catholic Church and Judaism, opposition to his policies grows within the Curia; A series of assassination attempts inevitably follows, and since one of them involves a close friend of Gabriel Allon’s, both Gabriel and Israeli intelligence become drawn into the unfolding maelstrom.

I only have one relatively minor gripe: the way Gabriel handles an attempt on his life (the rather indiscriminate use of a Beretta and a submachine gun resulting in four dead and six injured by Italian police) puts the rating down from a five reduced four stars

In the previous books, I felt that both Gabriel Allon and Ari Shamron were somewhat amazing characters and needed further development. In ‘The Confessor’, Daniel Silva, perhaps aided by the recent appearance of the beautiful Chiara Zolli, cleverly solved this particular problem and gave us a truly riveting thriller.

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