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The Deal (Off-Campus-1) book pdf download for free or read online, also The Deal (Off-Campus-1) pdf was written by Elle Kennedy.

Elle Kennedy is a Canadian author known for contemporary romance and romantic suspense. She has published books with the Harlequin Enterprises, New American Library, Berkley, and the Entangled Publishing.

She received her B.A. in English from the York University in year 2005. She has had several titles on the USA Today, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal bestseller lists. Ella’s hugely popular Off-Campus series has appeared on multiple bestseller lists and is published in over twenty countries around the world.

BookThe Deal (Off-Campus-1)
AuthorElle Kennedy
Size1.3 MB
CategoryFantasy Romance Novel

The Deal (Off-Campus-1) Book PDF download for free

The Deal (Off-Campus-1) Book PDF download for free

Hannah Wells finally found someone to turn her on. But while she may be confident in every other area of ​​her life, she has a lot of baggage when it comes to sex and seduction.

If she wants to get her crush’s attention, she has to step out of her comfort zone and get him to pay attention to her…even if it means tutoring the annoying, childish, cocky captain of the hockey team in return. of a fake date.

…and it’s gonna be so good

All Garrett Graham ever wanted was to play professional hockey after graduation, but his declining grade point average threatens everything he’s worked so hard for. If helping a sarcastic brunet makes another jealous helps secure his position on the team, then he’s willing to do it. But when an unexpected kiss leads to the wildest sex of his life, it doesn’t take long for Garrett to realize that pretending isn’t going to work. Now all he has to do is convince Hannah that the man she wants is a lot like him.

The Deal (Off-Campus-1) Book Pdf Download

Hannah is the girl on campus who keeps to herself with her group of friends. She knows where she is in the social world and she is fine where she is. She’s been a year since her last relationship and she’s finally in love with a new football transfer student.

Justin caught Hannah’s eye with her smile and her love for Hemingway. He seems smart and caring, but Hannah can’t get more than a few words out when she’s around him.

After their midterm ethics exam, most of the class got Cs or worse, except for Hannah, who got A’s, and because of that grade, Garrett caught the attention of Garrett, who needs tutoring to do better on the test. of stains that the teacher gives him. try to help most of the class.

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During many failed attempts to get Hannah to tutor Garett by trying to pay him off, her social status and a myriad of other bribes have helped him get the grade he needs to complete his GPA Keep up to date to play on the team. hockey where he is the team captain.

Garrett eventually uses Hannah’s refusal to tutor her by helping her buy fake dates with Justin who she doesn’t want to date and Hannah thinks she doesn’t like him that way.

Sometimes it’s easier to talk to a person about things you’re not interested in, long-term time together, college, and some spontaneous hangouts. They learn each other’s manners and habits and end up chatting for a while, making this tutoring a friendship.

When it comes time for her to start the game plan to talk to Justin, Garrett isn’t ready to let Hannah go, despite her rule of not wanting to date anyone, and he knows that Hannah deserves someone who treats her. good and don’t crush your heart. Then, when the time comes, Hannah realizes that Garrett has somehow gotten into her heart and realizes that she trusts a man in a way she hasn’t in a long time.

I probably managed to read The Deal in about 8 hours if I’m being honest (and could have stayed up all night reading it cover to cover). I wasn’t sure how this book would end, since we didn’t have a fake dating situation, Garrett running around campus with the women, conflicting schedules with Garrett playing hockey and Hannah hanging out at the winter party, and only her in general. since there were so many things between them.

I don’t want Garrett to sound bad, but I assumed he was cheating on Hannah while they were in the middle of dating her before he became exclusive to her, but he remained loyal even when they started moving in that direction. He just wanted to hug him because he is very considerate when it comes to Hannah and she tries to figure out her body when it comes to being intimate with a man after discovering her past that has led her to not drink and be so careful

We then discover that Garrett has a past of his own that he constantly reminds us that he is on the hockey team. When we got to the part of the book where he talks about his mother’s death and how her father treated her, my heart broke for this 12-year-old boy and the man he was carrying through it all. Because although he leads a perfect life on the outside with his father who is a famous hockey player, his life has never been so easy.

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and Hanna. I can only say that he is incredibly strong in accepting his past. Although she has learned to move on, her parents remember the things that her family went through because she was at a party and in a town so small that they almost evicted her and it makes her life much more difficult. He’s helped out a bit now that Hannah’s off to college, but he can’t help but feel guilty for pushing her parents so hard.

She has stayed in the shadows in many aspects of her life, and when Garrett tries to get her help, it’s no easy feat, and he somehow managed to get Hannah back to life and trust him again.

He congratulates Kennedy for not going off on a tangent that I have had to endure many times (from other authors) ?

Garrett-Captain of Briar’s hockey team, the best player who fails his grades…
Hannah-Schue First grader, has a crush on the football star, made a deal with the hockey star…

Did they meet by chance or maybe things happen for a specific reason? Anyway, Hannah was the one who could help him pass his ethics test because if he didn’t, his bad grade would kick him off the team and that wasn’t an option…now all he had to do was find a. how to get them to agree?

Driving Hannah crazy with her insistence on teaching him, she began to hate him more and more, and more by the minute. Hannah’s main goal was to rehearse for and win the upcoming winter singing contest and the five thousand dollar prize money that she would pay for the ptuition and accommodation expenses for the next semester.
So Garrett found something Hannah couldn’t resist? THE DEAL was completed and so begins her story…

Garrett and Hannah couldn’t be more different, but during their tutoring sessions, an unusual friendship develops without them even realizing it. As much as Garett’s arrogant attitude and her Playboy ways annoy her, she wants to spend time with him, plus he’s her way into the “cool guy” crowd and eventually gets her crush to notice. she.
Garrett doesn’t date the PUCK BUNNIES, but realizes that he wants to be with Hannah, even if it’s just to hang out and bond with Breaking Bad. He made a deal with her to help him pass her exam, but why does he suddenly regret it?

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Hannah left her hometown after being raped. Although the few years of counseling from her got her through it and she is by no means a victim, there are still some things that she struggles with… e.g. Drinking at parties is actually a problem, she drinks anything she wasn’t given and she has orgasms unless she does it by herself. Garrett has his own internal struggles. His father is/was a famous hockey star and expects nothing less when it comes to his son and his family, no matter what the means.

Garrett and Hannah’s friendship only grows stronger, until Garrett offers to help Hannah with her “problem,” and hey, it’s not for selfish reasons either! We see how Hannah grows in confidence while staying true to her friendly nature. Although Garrett will always be himself, he is slowly showing a more mature and gentle side. Although complete opposites, they live up to the adage “opposites attract” in its true form.

The story continues to revolve around hockey, singing, personal problems, friends, jealous puck bunnies (I love it!), crushes, and even enemies. We see two of the main themes come into focus for a minute, and here I applaud Kennedy, she was able to highlight those themes, but in that way she was naturally woven into the story but still she got to the point. Good work!

I really enjoyed this story a lot. I also liked the characters of Hannah and Garrett and together they still had the fun and innocence of a younger person, great banter…but still had that great chemistry, attraction and sex that I demand from my reading!
All of the supporting characters were just as likeable and I can see that some have their own story. I’d really like to know more about what was going through Logan’s mind about Hannah and I hope his book highlights that.

In general, as a reader who doesn’t really deal with sports topics, maybe I’ve only been slightly influenced? I will be reading the next part of this series and as a new reader of Elle Kennedy I can say that her writing style and skills are what make a fan out of a reader. The ONLY negative (and some might call me crazy, I can’t believe I’m saying this myself) is the length, a bit too long.

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