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Marriage For One book pdf download for free or read online, also Marriage For One pdf was written by Ella Maise.

Ella Maise is an American author of classic adult romance novels. She is a new author with only 4 published romance novels to date. She has describes herself as avid reader who loves to use fiction to the escape real life.

Although she writes romance novels, she doesn’t focus on the sex scenes in her books. She believes that she cannot force the characters in her novels to have sex and waits until the right time is in her books to make it happen. This means that the books are more about the emotions of her characters than sheer eroticism. Her books do not follow the same formula as the works of some romantic novelists. Described as a romantic comedy, her novel To Love Jason Thorn was written to make readers laugh at the experiences of the characters. The Alexander & Maya series is much more serious and more likely to bring readers to tears.

Ella Maise is a new author who has not yet won any awards or accolades. To Love Jason Thorn made it into the top 100 based on recommendations from those who had read Maise’s previous novels. Ella Maise is a fast writer who has published 4 titles in just over a year. She has said in interviews that it takes her about a month to write the first draft of her novels and another month to polish and edit the book. She is now a full-time writer and plans to write more romance novels.

BookMarriage For One
AuthorElla Maise
Size2.1 MB
CategoryFantasy Romance Novel

Marriage For One Book PDF download for free

Marriage For One Book PDF download for free

A simmering romance that will twitch your toes with the unexpected yet endearing love and passion emanating from Jack and Rose…

Marriage For One Book Pdf Download

“Marriage for One”

At this point, anything from Ella Maise is a win for me and an automatic “shut up and give me the book!” My only disappointment was not reading this book sooner!

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This book had some of my favorite themes: sullen/sunny, slow romance, arranged marriage, forced intimacy. I loved seeing Jack’s serious exterior fade with each interaction with Rose. Plus the way Rose counted the times Jack smiled *sweet romantic music in the background. Also, let’s not forget the fact that Jack has always delivered bouquets of fresh roses for Rose to display in her cafe. Um, excuse me, I’d like to order a Jack Hawthorne to go, please.

From the moment I started reading this book, it immediately gave me peace and comfort. I felt like this was a book I could easily imagine picking up to read again or become “comfort” reading, a book I could go back to to fall in love with these characters. As much as I liked and admired Jack, I loved Rose even more.

Rose was a bit quirky in that whenever Jack managed to surprise her with his displays of affection, treat her with kindness or anything else, she would sometimes get flustered by Jack’s behavior and this led to some hilarious moments in the series. the ones where Rose said the funniest things. . Together, Jack and Rose not only made an interesting couple, but when they met during their marriage, they really began to develop feelings for each other…or at least someone who had developed feelings long before the wedding.

Another thing I liked about this story was the ongoing mystery with Jack. In fragments early in the story, through Jack’s point of view. The chapters implied that Jack knew about Rose long before they met in his office and that Jack had a secret that he was keeping from Rose. The mysteries surrounding Jack and his true intentions with Rose added a unique twist to the story and had me trying to connect the dots as I read.

Hopeless romantic that I am, Ella Maise managed to win my heart once again, but this time with Jack and Rose. What I found interesting, ironically, is the fact that the main characters have the same names as the characters in the movie Titanic. Jack and Rose’s story started right away when they got married, so you kind of immerse yourself in the story when you start reading.

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This story was truly the epitome of romance. Of all the thoughtful and romantic gestures Jack made for Rose, she was genuinely sweet, adorable, and absolutely made me squeal with delight! I’m a fan of romance, so this book definitely ticked all the boxes on my list. I loved Jack and Rose and (sigh) it was a beautiful book, at the end of the epilogue it was a beautiful ending. Once again, Ella Maise won my heart with her story.

Let’s start this review by simply stating that Ella Maise is a hidden treasure that should always be expanded and appreciated in the world of romance. She already is, but she needs more attention, that’s for sure, because there is no denying that the true magic that springs from her words is something that will remain etched in my heart and mind forever.

She as an author has so much power in her words and her characters that you fall in love with her in every way. She warned me that this book was not my cup of tea due to slowness, and she was right about 35% of the novel. For the rest of the novel, though, Jack became that kind of expressive, gruff but emotionless character that he kept me reading until Rose finally got to stuff him. There’s also no denying that this novel wouldn’t be a novel I’d actually read or sign up for because of the slow burn.

And because I’m not always NOT honest in my reviews, the only reason I really enjoyed this masterpiece is because it was written by the sweet but dirty thinker Ella. Although we must also admit that she hooked me with the synopsis and if you haven’t read it yet… LET’S READ IT NOW!

Now let’s talk about the story, okay? Because I’ve done too many quoted highlights on my Kindle that I don’t know what I did should go! Jack Hawthorne… Oh our dear Jack… He’s just amazing in the best way, that’s for sure. The aura that emanates from him, the self-confidence, the determination make Jack Hawthorne the character that he really should be.

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As we read Rose’s point of view, you can feel that confidence in him. However, if you read his point of view, you can also feel that hushed tone where he fears the truth will be revealed when it comes to his relationship with Rose. but hidTelling her the truth doesn’t stop him from being honest with her in other ways that, as a reader, melt my heart.

What can we say about Rose? Something about her vibe exudes the same confidence that Jack has, but she is that semi-shy person who is also willing to do whatever it takes to make her dreams come true. In this case, it’s the fact that she wants to open her cafeteria. With the help of Jack and her “fake marriage,” she slowly learns that anything is possible if you have the determination to keep your head up.

That’s what I love about her, she’s this strong young woman who found herself in a situation she didn’t want to get into and yet finds a way to make herself stronger and not lose her true identity as a woman. But she also knows that there is no turning back, she breaks what she will be if she gets too close to Jack. Some risks are worth taking, and once she’s taken that risk, the one thing she can’t do is deny her love for Jack.

Overall this story really took my breath away with all the surprises I could find. All the hidden spells that I didn’t expect come from Ella. Especially in the intimate scenes. I felt like I got slapped in the face when Jack and Rose finally did it, if you know what I mean… But too surprised is a commendable understatement. So make sure you grab a copy of this beauty and by all means add it to her TBR because it’s a sin to miss out on the Jack Hawthorne story.

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