Download The Heart Of The Lyon [PDF] By Anna St. Claire

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The Heart Of The Lyon book pdf download for free or read online, also The Heart Of The Lyon was written by Anna St. Claire.

BookThe Heart Of The Lyon
AuthorAnna St. Claire
Size1.2 MB

The Heart Of The Lyon Book PDF download for free

The Heart Of The Lyon Book PDF download for free

Enter the world of London’s most notorious arcade where matches are made…unusual. Welcome to THE LYON’S DEN: The Black Widow of Whitehall Connected World, where the Regency London Underground thrives… and loves.

She needs a miracle to save her, but he refuses to consider marriage until an alleged engagement changes the way he sees her.

Wracked with guilt and wracked with nightmares over the tragic death of his father, Henry Stanton, the Earl of Egerton returns home broken and seeks solace in the excesses of Lyon’s Den.

He has vowed never to marry, but a chance encounter with the woman who won his heart more than a decade ago forces him to reconsider his decision. An unwillingness to change your mind can keep you from discovering what your heart and soul needs most.

Lady Olivia Dawson wants a love match, but her family’s financial ruin turns her perfect life upside down, and worse, the vile man who owns her family fortune demands her hand. When she meets the childhood friend she will never forget, she realizes that he is everything she wants.

A mother, desperate to save her daughter’s future, appeals to the Black Widow of Whitehall, who weaves a web of hearts, stakes and intrigue, but the widow’s plan puts Olivia’s life on a murderous path.

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Henry and Olivia’s future is at stake unless they find a way to trust each other with their lives and hearts.

The Heart Of The Lyon Book Pdf Download

This book had a bit of everything; Drowning, attempted murder, poisoning, kidnapping, a cheating villain, but through it all we find a sweet romance between childhood friends, a fake engagement turned into true love.

Henry Stanton, Earl of Egerton, has returned from the war suffering from nightmares of fights and guilt over the Duke’s death at the hands of his father. He is an honorable and caring man, but has sworn not to marry because of all the nightmares and guilt. When he learns that her childhood friend Livy is in danger of being forced to marry an evil man who keeps her father’s vowels, it’s up to Henry to save her.

Lady Olivia Dawson recently overheard her parents discussing that her father has lost everything to a cheating scoundrel and wants Olivia’s hand in marriage to pay off her debts.

Henry and Livy hadn’t seen each other in years and they both felt the attraction of seeing each other grow up. After talking to her family and her family, he proposes a bogus compromise to protect Livy, agreeing that it will only last until the villain gives up, but Livy wants much more, though Henry makes it clear that he is not fit for it. marriage. However, during their engagement, many evil and dangerous events take place, and a villain that must be stopped!

A mother who hopes to save her daughter from an unhappy future with a cruel man and another who is looking for someone to help her son overcome the horrible memories of the war and the guilt he feels for the death of his father, to overcome, go to Mrs. Bessie Dove. -Lyon. Owner of Lyon’s Den and help-seeking matchmaker extraordinaire.

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Henry and Olivia agree to a fake engagement to ward off their unwanted suitor. Henry and Olivia are a wonderful couple and a sweet and true romance develops between them. Its history is full of mysteries and dangers. Who is trying to harm the Stanton family and why? The families, along with some influential friends and Bessie Dove-Lyon, will work together to stop the villains and make sure there is a happy ending. This is an entertaining story with great characters and some heartwarming twists and surprises. A great addition to this addictive series.

Drinking and gambling don’t mix. Henry Stanton, Earl of Edgerton, has a hard time fighting his demons. He endures the nightmare of his father’s death and the death of men in battles against Napoleon. Lord Langdon is a villain who cheats for power. He obtains Lord Southwood’s vowels by trickery and demands that Southwood’s daughter Olivia marry him and no one else.

Henry Stanton, Earl of Edgerton grew up with Olivia. He doesn’t like Langdon and he is willing to have a fake engagement with Olivia to protect her from her. This engagement is orchestrated by Henry’s mother and Mrs. Dove-Lyon. Although Olivia already loves Henry, he is not so sure. When Olivia’s life is in danger, Henry has no choice, but her heart tells him that he must come to her rescue. Mrs. Dove-Lyon has had only a small part in manipulating the circumstances in this book.

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