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The Keeper Of Stories book pdf download for free or read online, also The Keeper Of Stories pdf was written by Sally Page.

After studying history, Sally moved to London to work in advertising. In her free time, she studied floristry at night school and eventually opened her own flower shop. Realizing that florists offer a unique insight into people’s stories, Sally began photographing this floral life and writing about it in a series of non-fiction books. Sally later continued her interest in writing when she started her fountain pen company,

In her debut novel, The Keeper of Stories, Sally combines her love of history and writing with a lifelong interest in the stories people have to tell. Sally now lives in Dorset. His eldest daughter Alex is a medical student and his youngest daughter is an author Libby Page.

BookThe Keeper Of Stories
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The Keeper Of Stories Book PDF download for free

The Keeper Of Stories Book PDF download for free

When Janice starts cleaning for Mrs. B, a smart and wily woman in her 90’s, she meets someone who wants to hear her story. But Janice is clear: she is the keeper of the stories, she has no story to tell. At least none that she can share.

Mrs B is no fool and knows there’s more to know Janice than meets the eye. what is he hiding Doesn’t everyone have a story to tell?

The Keeper Of Stories Book Pdf Download

Oh my gosh what an amazing book I can’t believe how much I enjoyed it! Janice is a keeper of stories, as she goes about her day as a cleaner she collects stories she hears from those who have told her about her life or snippets of conversations she overhears on the bus. Janice is always collecting stories, but when she is asked to work for an old lady, she is intrigued by the history she has. But Mrs. B is very difficult, she has a story to tell the Janice, but in return Mrs. B wants to know the Janice’s story too.

It is a very interesting book and I could hardly put it down once I started reading it. I liked Janice’s character from the start. The way she collects the stories she keeps is something I can relate to, as I often hear snippets of someone’s conversation on the train or bus, but Janice, being a story keeper, keeps all the stories she hears and fondly remembers many of them. even at different times.

I liked the character of Janice and how we see someone cleaning houses as more than just a cleaning lady. Janice is a wonderful person to get to know and I love all the interactions she has with the different people she cleans for and the weird names she sometimes gives some of them like Mrs. YeahYeahYeah.

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I liked some of the characters, especially the dog Decius who with all the swearing he does (which Janice imagines he says) becomes quite a bright and funny character. In fact, Decius is a very funny character and has the perfect attitude for a dog with its owners. I also liked the character of Mrs B, she is so interesting and feisty, a wonderful contrast to Janice.

When Janice meets Mrs. B while cleaning, Mrs. B tells her a story about a woman Becky. I found this story interesting and even more intriguing when it was later revealed who Becky will meet and I began to wonder if this story was based on reality and not just part of the book. It is later confirmed in the author’s notes that Becky is based on a real person and in fact all the stories told or heard in this book are based on true events heard by the author, which makes this book amazing and even more interesting reading power!

There are many interesting twists and turns in this book, and you learn quite a bit about Janice and the other characters. I like that some of the things revealed were things I wasn’t really expecting and I love how this book had me turning to the pages as I desperately wanted to know more about what happened to Janice and the others.

The story has a wonderful and satisfying ending. So much happens in the end, and it all ends so wonderfully, that it’s actually happier and more wonderful than I expected. It’s the perfect ending to the whole story and I love how things unfold in the best possible way for all the main characters despite the struggles and revelations they go through.

There is some use of f and s swear words and some darker stories are told but it’s not overly annoying and I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves an interesting story with some amazing characters and amazing mysteries. I love how we get a glimpse into the life of a cleaner, someone who is often overlooked or unworthy of a story, but this book introduces that character and you see how interesting she and her story really are. . A brilliant book that I highly recommend.

The Keeper of Stories is going to be one of my favorite reads of 2022. The cover (and title) immediately reminded me of Ruth Hogan’s novels, which I absolutely adore, and once you start reading you might even think that Sally Pages Writing would also look like your style.

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I definitely have! This is a beautiful and life-affirming novel with a story that fills you with happiness from within, such that even as I write my review, I have to smile broadly at the fond memories of these characters. The fact that I read this in early December and still think about how happy this book made me shows the powerful effect storytelling can have on a reader’s mood.

I can’t think of a greater compliment. I shouldn’t have been so surprised to learn that Sally Page is the mother of another one of my favorite authors, Libby Page, since The Keeper of Stories is the kind of feel-good fiction that her daughter also excels at. That this is a debut novel is quite remarkable; Writing talent clearly runs in the family and there will be healthy competition in the future!

This is a very character driven story where the protagonist Janice jumps right off the page and into your heart. Janice, who lives and works in the Cambridge area, cleans for a select few clients, and while she’s exceptionally good at her job, that’s not what makes her an interesting and memorable character. Lonely, unhappy, and trapped in a loveless marriage with few friends and little contact with her only child, Janice loves collecting other people’s stories.

Everyone has a story to tell, and those stories are the starting point of this wonderful novel. I’m a bit like Janice who is fascinated by other people’s stories and doesn’t find my own life interesting in comparison, which is why I so enjoyed listening to each and every story. Some are comical, some fascinating, and some tragic, but they all have the power to draw you in.

However, you would be forgiven for thinking that this will be a random collection of individual short stories because it feels like it at first and you are wondering how the author will put them together, but please dismiss those thoughts. It doesn’t take long for a connection to form between these stories and the characters within, and at that point you’ll be completely hooked.

That’s where the story begins and Janice, who always thought she had no story of her own to tell, finally begins to find her own voice. The fact that there are people who want to listen to Janice and choose to do so rather than just seeing her as a repository for other people’s stories is a revelation. It’s a turning point in life when Janice discovers that not only is she an exceptional cleaner, but an exceptional woman! Funny, sad, touching and hopeful, it is an absolute joy and dream to read.

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Sally Page presents her readers with a novel that is stylistically similar to a matryoshka doll and reveals a story within a story within a story, and I found that really appealing.

As I’ve alluded to, it’s the characters that bring life and soul to the story, each a colourful, valuable and memorable addition. Janice’s clients include a well-known opera singer, a rather naughty upper-class widow, a mother and son lost in grief, and Mrs. YeahYeahYeah and Mr. NoNoNotNow with their vows (makes sense, I promise!) Fox Terrier Decius, whom Janice is very fond of. . There’s also the bus driver who looks like a geography teacher, someone who catches Janice’s eye, but to me it’s Mrs. B, Mrs. YeahYeahYeah’s mother-in-law in the ’90s who’s stealing the spotlight.

Mrs. B is a character and a half and reminded me of Elizabeth in Richard Osman’s The Thursday Murder Club. Rude, obnoxious, educated, well-travelled and not least a very good storyteller, it’s the friendship that develops between this grumpy ninety-year-old and kind, caring, book-loving Janice that overshadows everything else. It’s really beautiful and uplifting.

When the wily Mrs. B lures Janice into her world with a story of her own, it’s only a matter of time before the two get tough as thieves, eventually allowing Janice to emerge from her shell much happier with encouragement from Mrs. B’s wife. The ending is excellent with some behind the scenes conspiracies by Mrs B (who else?) turning the tables on whose motives for change are highly unscrupulous.

Also, a well-intentioned interference on Janice’s behalf deserves more credit. Oh how I laughed and cheered when Sally Page closed the last chapter on such a glorious high note. I was sorry to say goodbye to these characters, but felt I could leave them enriched by their existence.

This book will be a wonderful gift. It’s one of those books that you can cherish and cherish and always come back to whenever you feel the need for comfort or to boost your spirits. I think it goes without saying that Sally Page has earned my seal of approval and I have no hesitation in recommending this title to other book lovers. Read this now, you will have a lot of fun!

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