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The Nurse’s Secret book pdf download for free or read online, also The Nurse’s Secret pdf was written by Amanda Skenandore.

Amanda Skenandore is a historical novelist and registered nurse. In Between Earth and Heaven she drew on the experiences of a close relative, a member of the Ojibwe tribe who survived an Indian missionary school in the 1950s. Between Earth and Heaven is Amanda’s first novel. He lives in Las Vegas, Nevada.

BookThe Nurse’s Secret
AuthorAmanda Skenandore

The Nurse’s Secret Book PDF download for free

The Nurse's Secret Book PDF download for free

Based on the Florence Nightingale’s nursing principles, Bellevue is the first school of its kind in the country. Where nurses were once considered ignorant and unqualified, Bellevue values ​​discipline, intellect and moral character, and only well-educated young women should apply. At first, Una defies her squeamish classmates and the doctors’ endless orders. However, life on the streets has prepared her for the horrors of injury and illness in the infirmaries, and she is slowly gaining friendship and self-esteem.

Just as she finds her footing, Una’s suspicions about a patient’s death puts her in danger of being exposed and will force her to choose between her instinct of self-preservation and revealing her identity in order to save others.

Amanda Skenandore brings her medical background to a gripping story that explores the evolution of modern nursing, including the shocking realities of 19th century medicine, seen through the eyes of a fascinating and dynamic heroine.

The Nurse’s Secret Book Pdf Download

The Nurse’s Secret is the second book I have read by Amanda Skenandore, the first being The Second Life of Mirielle West. The book was excellent so I was excited to read his last. I loved it and devoured it! Ms. Skenandore is a Registered Nurse and her knowledge of this prestigious profession really brings her stories to life.

In Golden Age New York in 1883, there is a big difference between the haves and the have-nots. A Kelly belongs to the latter category. Her mother died when she was young and her father became addicted to opium, so Una can’t really trust anyone but herself. She is a con artist who spends her time stealing money and running scams while dating other women lives in shabby accommodation. One night he walks over a fence to do business, but he ends up murdered and Una is framed for the crime, even though she’s innocent… well, murder.

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Knowing that the place she will be imprisoned will be her death, she must find a place to hide. Her eye catches a magazines article: Bellevue Hospital is accepting trainees for its nursing school, the first of its kind in the America. He makes his way to school, where he is provided room and board and a small stipend. it will remain hidden until the shore is clear. Una, despite all her intentions to survive as long as possible, seems to have an affinity for nursing, reluctantly befriends her roommate Drusilla, and begins a blossoming romance with intern Edwin Westervelt.

However, Una suspects that a patient’s death may actually have been murder. Does she keep her head down and her mouth shut and hidden, or does she risk her new life to uncover and expose a killer?

I didn’t particularly care for Una Kelly at the beginning of this story, but much like the heroine in The Second Life of Mirielle West, her character developed into one you can’t help but support and love by the end of the story. It was such a tough life after the death of your mother and then your father’s downward spiral. He had personal rules he followed to keep himself safe and free; However, when he moved away from them, things didn’t end well, hence his situation of having to go into hiding. I loved Una’s transformation from cheater to nurse.

It didn’t change its stripes suddenly, it was gradual and sometimes I fought it by kicking and screaming. She found her roommate Dru annoyingly cheerful and overly friendly, eventually realizing that she actually had a friend she could trust. Most men in Una’s world only wanted one thing from a woman, but she found Dr. Westervelt respectful, charming and caring. She tried her best to resist him as he believed that she was completely different from who she really was because of the lies she had to tell everyone. She had a friend in Barney, a young journalist she met on the street who would help her in times of need. Bellevue School of Nursing was just fascinating.

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How different everything was in the 1880s! (And thank God for that!). Many doctors treated nurses as subhumans who deserved no respect; it was as if the nurses were children who were seen, not heard, and expected to obey without question. Compared to present, the medicine seemed brutal and primitive. Some doctors didn’t want to learn new methods like Dr. Lister endorses.

Descriptions of illnesses and injuries are not for the faint of heart. You will read about horrific factory accidents, leeches, suppurating wounds, etc. I loved how the author used her actual medical training to make everything sound so realistic without lecturing or overpowering you. The crime was very funny and intriguing, although I have to admit that I found out early on who the culprit was. But it was a great story with a unique heroine that you will love.

THE NURSE’S SECRET by Amanda Skenandore is a romantic historical novel starring a young female, set at New York’s Bellevue Hospital in the 1880s. This is a standalone novel with great characters, a bit of sweet romance, and a plot that intertwines suspense, murder, and mystery.

Bellevue Hospital in New York City is the first hospital in the United States to open a nursing school based on Florence Nightingale’s principles. The young ladies must be of high moral character, educated and of upper class origin. There is a strict code of decency, discipline and work ethic that must be followed in order to remain in the program. A Kelly is none of those things. One is a con man, pickpocket, and thief who is found at the scene of a murder, arrested, and then escapes. She works her way through the nursing program with the help of a friend to hide from the police.

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With the help of her roommate, Una discovers that she is capable of pulling off this deception, even realizing that she is good with patients. A young doctor-in-training takes an interest in the only probationary nurse, but Una is afraid to admit that she isn’t who she seems. But when a woman from her past emerges and threatens Una’s ruse, she is killed using the same method as the man she is accused of murdering.

You know someone’s killing in Bellevue, and it’s like the murder you’re accused of. She sets a trap, but she could end up being the victim of this serial killer.

I loved this book and all the characters. Una is cunning and thick-skinned due to her upbringing, but she also knows how to use her natural intelligence to come to terms with her deception and begins to genuinely care about her patients. Una’s gradual shift in caring for her roommate, Dru, and gradual acceptance of their friendship really underscored her emotional changes. The cute romantic elements also showed a side of Una where she is a bit vulnerable.

I felt that all of the supporting characters were fully developed and believable for the historical period. Descriptions from 1880 New York show the research associated with this story along with all historical medical treatments and techniques for doctors and nurses. The exciting plot of this story has a good pace and a believable ending.

I highly recommend this captivating historical novel!

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