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To The Nines book pdf download for free or read online, also To The Nines pdf was written by Janet Evanovich.

Janet Evanovich is the New York Times #1 bestselling author of the Stephanie Plum series.

BookTo The Nines
AuthorJanet Evanovich
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To The Nines Book PDF download for free

To The Nines Book PDF download for free

Stephanie Plum might not be the best bounty hunter in beautiful downtown Trenton, but she’s pretty good at turning bad situations her way. . . and she always gets her man. In To the Nines, his cousin Vinnie (who is also his boss) posted bail for Samuel Singh, an illegal immigrant. When the elusive Mr. Singh goes missing, Stephanie gets on the case. But what he discovers is far more sinister than anyone can imagine, leading to a group of assassins who give the word hunters a new meaning.

In a race against time that takes her from the Jersey Turnpike to the Vegas Strip, Stephanie Plum is on the hunt of a lifetime. The unforgettable characters, action, high-stakes suspense and the sheer entertainment of To the Nines define the Janet Evanovich as unique among today’s writers.

To The Nines Book Pdf Download

One of the sweaty masses in constant need of “bread and circuses” to stave off social unrest, Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series has been a mainstay of cheap entertainment. But by the end of book eight (HARD EIGHT) even that was starting to get boring. But the elements of TO THE NINES renewed my interest.

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If you don’t already know from your assigned reading, Stephanie is a bailiff, a bounty hunter employed by her bailiff cousin, Vinnie, in Trenton, NJ. While Plum eventually manages to capture her husband (or wife), she inevitably leaves a trail of chaos in her wake, and her approach is delightfully clumsy. In addition, all of the characters are on a continuum from slightly eccentric to completely insane jobs in his personal and professional lives. Only his hamster Rex is normal.

In TO THE NINES, Stephanie’s prey is Samuel Singh, a Native American in the United States on a temporary work visa who has given Vinnie a new kind of pledge: a “bail bond.” But Singh is missing, and resulting the bad publicity will ruin the Vinnie’s business unless his disaster-prone cousin can find him.

Vinnie’s main contract agent, Ranger, a mysterious former Special Forces man who operates outside the law and has been instilling a warm feeling in our heroine’s nether regions since book one (ONE FOR THE MONEY), has been assigned to help in the search. despite her at times emotional and sexual involvement with another cousin, Trenton police detective Joe Morelli, who stripped Stephanie of her virginity as a teenager behind a bakery’s patisserie. Ranger is a hunk dressed in black.

As I’ve alluded to, Stephanie Plum’s comedic thrillers, while always hilarious, follow an unchanging pattern. Apparently, author Evanovich has a story template that she adheres to religiously. (And who’d argue? It produces best-sellers.) For those of us – well, me at least – who loyally follow Plum’s trapezoidal escapades, a significant departure from the pattern would be welcome.

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In TO THE NINES the author breaks with form a bit. For once, Stephanie leaves Trenton on the trail of her quarry all the way to Las Vegas, NV and is unduly harassed by airline security at each stop. And instead of wrecking the various cars and trucks that Ranger lent her, it’s now his employees who are in danger from Stephanie’s bad karma.

Eventually, Stephanie’s sister Valerie gives birth to a child. This flips the switch to the former’s own maternal instincts. Stephanie, who is around 30, is not getting any younger and the biological clock is ticking. Do you think Morelli is the man for the job? Of course, they would have to get married first, an event that has proven incredibly elusive in previous installments, much to the chagrin of Stephanie’s mom. Indeed, the plot of future Plum novels involves potentially infinite permutations that are sure to keep book buyers and St. Martin’s Press happy.

Evanovich’s novels by Stephanie Plum are like the jokes of Jack Benny and Johnnie Carson in that much of the humor is repeated. The audience waits and awaits, ready to laugh when the punchline comes. Think…” when asked, “Your money or your life.” With Carson, “The Crossroads.” Dining A delightful mix of comedy, mystery and suspense.

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