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You Love Me book pdf download for free or read online, also You Love Me pdf was written by Caroline Kepnes.

CAROLINE KEPNES is the New York Times bestselling author of the books YOU, HIDDEN BODIES, PROVIDENCE and YOU LOVE ME. Netflix’s hit series You is an adaptation of his books by Joe Goldberg.

BookYou Love Me
AuthorCaroline Kepnes
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You Love Me Book PDF download for free

You Love Me Book PDF download for free

Joe Goldberg is done with cities. He’s done with dirt and dizziness, he’s done with love. Now say hello to nature, to simple pleasures, on a cozy island in the Pacific Northwest. For the first time in a long time he can only breathe.

He gets a job at the local library, knows his books and meets her there: Mary Kay DiMarco. Librarian. Joe won’t interfere, he won’t be obsessed. He’ll win her the old-fashioned way. . . offer a shoulder to cry on, a helping hand. In time, both of them will heal their wounds and start happy lives in this quiet city.

The problem is . . . Mary Kay already has a life. She’s a mom, she’s a friend that she is. . occupied.

True love can only succeed if both are willing to make room for the real thing. Joe cleaned his blanket. He is ready. And hopefully, with your encouragement and unwavering support, Mary Kay will do what is right and make room for you.

You Love Me Book Pdf Download

Joe Goldberg is one of a kind. While this book doesn’t emulate the Season 3 Netflix series, it’s still very entertaining in its own way because there’s no other voice quite like his. It didn’t work out since the last book, so he found a new love interest, the difference is that he can join a family right away, but little did he know that the circle of people involved would be a burden heavier than him. had previously found.

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I didn’t like the constant nicknames rat, meerkat, mothball and fecal-eyed neighbor or centipede, but Joe sees the world from his own absurd perspective and sometimes people are really annoying objects that don’t go away. Anyone who stands in the way of his goal (true love) must be eliminated, and his thoughts never fail to disappoint in terms of entertainment value.

And for once, he’s not always to blame when death rears its head (although all fingers are pointing towards him), but he does orchestrate events that work in his favor. There are definite twists and WTF moments, with the ending spiraling a bit in ways I didn’t see coming, but I still have to follow Joe into the next chapter of his new life.

When his ex-girlfriend, Love Quinn, permanently bans Joe Goldberg from their young son’s life, Quinn moves to Bainbridge Island near Seattle and licks his wounds. Joe begins volunteering at local library, where then he quickly becomes obsessed with the librarian Mary Kay DiMarco, mother of Nomi, a defiant teenager whose favorite book is Columbine.

As this is the first Caroline Kepnes book I’ve read, I wasn’t initially aware that You Love Me was the third novel in a series starring Joe Goldberg, or that there was a Netflix series based on the books. So I wasn’t even aware of the character’s disturbing backstory. On one level this was great for me because at first I assumed Joe was a “normal” loner whom he felt some sympathy for given his forced estrangement from his son.

But little by little, as the author unravels the fragments of Joe’s disturbing past and personality disorder, it becomes clear that Goldberg is not only quite delusional, but maybe more than a little dangerous. This becomes increasingly evident as his obsession with Mary Kay grows and he begins to stalk and manipulate her to fulfill his own delusional fantasies. Not to mention his frequent homicidal thoughts.

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Usually i am a fast reader, it took me just several sittings to read this book. It wasn’t because I didn’t find it sufficiently engaging, but because this author’s rather unique writing style, at least as used in this book, requires significant concentration. You Love Me is not an easy, captivating beach read to flip through because you miss many finer nuances.

I attribute this to the author’s method of putting the reader in Joe’s delusional mind by writing the novel from the second person point of view. This is how we get to know practically all of Joe’s thoughts, along with his habit of toning down many of his thoughts as he reacts to the other characters.

You Love Me is a twisted, spooky, suspenseful and entertaining read that should satisfy the most discerning psychological thriller fan. Free from the bias that inevitably comes from reading the previous books in the series or learning about the Netflix series, I feel like the book is a novel in its own right. For these reasons, I would probably rate it slightly higher than others who have reviewed it. On some levels I find the book quite brilliant.

You Love Me by Caroline Kepnes was published by Random House and is available now.

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