Download Code Name Outlaw [PDF] By Janie Crouch

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Code Name Outlaw book pdf download for free or read online, also Code Name Outlaw pdf was written by Janie Crouch.

BookCode Name Outlaw
AuthorJanie Crouch
Size620 KB

Code Name Outlaw Book PDF download for free

Code Name Outlaw Book PDF download for free

Months in the clutches of a madman have transformed Jenna Franklin into a shell of the woman she once was. All you can do now is use your computer genius from the safety of locked doors.

Taking to the streets two years later = blood clot panic.

She has become a sanctuary in the only place she has felt safe since her captivity: Oak Creek, Wyoming, home of her friends at Linear Tactical. They don’t realize the extent of their emotional trauma, but at least she knows she can trust them.

Only one knows the truth about the fragile mental state he is hiding: Zodiac agent Mark Outlawson, codename: Outlaw.

He’s witnessed her panic firsthand. You know what it does to you.

When information about a human trafficking ring linked to her own imprisonment comes to light, it’s clear only Jenna’s experience can stop her. Mark must prove that Jenna can trust him: keep her secrets, protect her and help her fight her demons.

Code Name Outlaw Pdf Download

The Story of Mark and Jenna is the finale to my favorite romantic thriller series and what a journey!

Jenna is incredibly smart, ready to help at any time and refuses to give in to her mental demons. Jenna suffers from agoraphobia and severe post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of her kidnapping. You feel like you’ve regressed because you think you’ve lost all the ground you initially gained by being open about your anxiety. Aside from Mark, her friends don’t know how much she’s struggling because she won’t let him see, but Mark accidentally saw her lose control and while he knows she’s struggling, even he doesn’t realize how deeply traumatized she is she was .

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Mark aka Outlaw can keep up with Jenna and this man’s support for her made my heart sigh with happiness! He has his own intelligences and fights that come across as understated but no less compelling. In combination with Jenna? I can’t think of a situation they couldn’t logically come out of because they are survivors. She’s also a great sounding board for Jenna and I loved that she doesn’t hesitate to play her mind when the situation calls for it!

Jenna and Mark’s relationship is a monotony of attraction and emotion! I have to admit I loved and appreciated that they had a kind of friendship that turned into a romance! If the story had been a case of Insta-Lust, the impact of Jenna and Mark’s feelings would not have been as believable or strong as it took to publish this book, and Janie pulled it off with the intensity of so many feelings!

As Outlaw encapsulates a fascinating multi-book human trafficking story, I keep coming back for the characters! Jenna earned a HEA and I’m thrilled with how it all turned out. Her story isn’t easy, but it reflects her courage and determination, as well as her vulnerability to asking for help when she knew her pride wouldn’t. If you think about it, learning to compensate, compromise and adapt is all a person could ask for in any situation. Something the characters in LT have proven time and time again.

The Linear Tactical series has everything from wild suspense and sensual romance to friends for life and families forever… so many wonderful stories! Thank you Janie for the endless hours of escape!

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This book is about Jenna Franklin, a deeply traumatized computer genius and zodiac agent Mark Outlawson, codename: Outlaw. Jenna was kidnapped and psychologically abused to the point where she can’t leave her house, and Mark is one of the few who know she’s not the introvert she claims to be, but can’t take it, being outside to be (where she was psychologically abused). Mark has his own secret, one that will end his career as a Zodiac bodyguard.

They try to stop Joachim, who is using humans as robots who will be killed if caught committing a crime. Using the technology developed by Jenna, it’s up to her to bring down the organization. Mark is determined to help her in any way he can.

This book has suspense, mystery and romance. As the story progresses, Mark and Jenna’s friendship turns to love and they discover that family is what you make it, with good friends. It’s also a story about hope and second chances.

A fabulous, heartbreaking, emotionally charged conclusion to a great series. This can be read on its own, but I highly recommend getting and reading the entire series. Make sure you have Kleenex. Jenna has two titles, she is smart, caring and has PTSD with agoraphobia from a previous kidnapping. Mark is a member of Linear Tactical who has to accept that he won’t be able to do his job as it is anytime soon. Mark used to meet Jenna when he was under pressure and never got over her.

When the FBI comes to him asking for his help with a human trafficking ring tied to his past, we set off. I am in awe of Jenna’s inner strength as I watch her confront her demons, try to confront her demons, and understand Mark’s ability and my heart pounds. This latest book delivers form and form in every way. Suspense, Mystery, Romance, Steam. It gives chills and warms the heart. The quote made me smile, I thought my heart would burst. The epilogue, 10 years laters? cherry on top.

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