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Most Eligible Billionaire book pdf download for free or read online, also Most Eligible Billionaire pdf was written by Annika Martin.

Annika Martin is a NYT bestselling author who loves reading and writing funny and sexy books, taking photos of her cats, having fun rescuing animals, taking long baths and consuming lots of chocolate lollies. She can be found in the coffee shops of Minneapolis with her amazing writer husband, tending to their very wild and bee-friendly garden.

BookMost Eligible Billionaire
AuthorAnnika Martin
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Most Eligible Billionaire Book PDF download for free

Most Eligible Billionaire Book PDF download for free

Henry is a powerful billionaire CEO who turned the family business into an empire. He doesn’t care about the money, but the company is his life. His eccentric mother dies, leaving everything to her little dog, Smuckers.

His mother appoints her neighbor Vicky to be the dog’s spokesperson. Vicky is a jewelry designer and Henry’s mother thinks Vicky is a dog whisperer. From enemies to lovers, this sexy romantic comedy is entertaining. The dog whisperer aspect is silly, but I admired Vicky. She had a traumatic childhood, protective of her teenage sister, confronting others, and loving. Henry was very focused on business, but he was beginning to like Vicky.

Most Eligible Billionaire Book Pdf Download

An independent reading with a HEA. Sex is on the high end of the scale, so avoid it if that’s a problem for you. Vicky and her sister Carly, 16, live in a small apartment in New York. Vicky makes jewelry for a living and also owns a small pet store while Carly is in high school. An old woman lives in her small building with her little dog Smuckers.

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Vicky was unlucky enough to attract this woman with her ability to take care of the little dog. This old woman is a ruin to everyone’s existence. She’s rude, obnoxious, and downright moody. He uses Vicky to take care of his dog more and more. She believes that Vicky can channel Smucker’s mind. Get Vicky to take care of her dog if something happens to her. She promises she’ll be compensated for Smuckers’ high vet and spa bills.

Unfortunately, the woman dies and Vicky now has a small dog. You receive a letter from a law firm asking for gifts for the reading of the will. He shows up thinking he’ll get a small stipend to cover the dog’s expenses. It turns out that the old lady owned 51% of one of the biggest empires in New York. He left his estate to the dog and Vicki. So the dog is in charge of this vast estate, with Vicky at hand to interpret the dog’s wishes. .Sounds like a good concert. However, the company’s son and CEO is not happy with his mother’s wishes. He and the rest of the board set out to regain control of their company.

Of course, the two fall in the love with each other. The story of how they do that is so entertaining. I totally enjoyed the story and I definitely recommend it. It’s fun to read. Henry starts out as an award-winning jerk and you really don’t like him. As the story progresses, you slowly fall in love with him the same way you fell in love with Vicky.

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He’s a very sexual creature, so get ready for hot sex. Now Vicky has a not so good past. His every move is guided by what has happened to him. The end result is very satisfactory. Teach a good lesson. What you read in the newspaper, where people swear it’s true, can be anything but… It can happen so easily and we all fall into the trap of judging a situation as if we really know all the facts, although we really don’t know. I have no idea. Good lesson here!! It was a very good read.

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